Nick Saban sells out Bill Belichick during their time together with Browns

Did Nick Saban throw Bill Belichick under the bus when speaking about his time as the defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns?

Of course, Belichick was the head coach of the Browns when Saban was on staff (with a young Jim Schwartz in the building as well). Saban recently spoke on his process and stated that he has never attempted to steal signs.

Even if the Browns may or may have not had a guy in their press box who was doing just that under the guidance of Belichick:

“When I was a defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns we had a guy in the press box that always stole the signals of the other team. I told him I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me it’s a run, don’t tell me it’s a pass, I don’t even want to know.”

This is not the first time that Belichick has been accused of (and found guilty of) stealing signs during his time as a head coach. So all things considered, this is not much of a shock to hear from Saban’s mouth.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire