Nick Nurse issues NBA's first-ever coach's challenge, and it did not go well

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If the NBA’s first-ever coach’s challenge is any indication, the new rule might not work out so well.

Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse issued the inaugural challenge late in the first quarter, when Raptors guard Norman Powell clearly elbowed New Orleans Pelicans counterpart Josh Hart in the face on his way to the basket. Hart maintained his verticality and drew the offensive foul.

Obviously, the call was not overturned, and the Raptors lost a timeout as a result.

Maybe Nurse was distracted by his shiny new championship ring. Or he was feeling himself coming off the title.

The NBA installed the coach’s challenge this past summer. Hopefully Nurse got the worst one out of the way early.

In the second game of the season, Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel also burnt his one coach’s challenge in the first quarter, somewhat successfully. The officials upheld Dwight Howard’s foul of L.A. Clippers guard Lou Williams, although they did switch the call from a shooting foul to a non-shooting one, and the Clips failed to score on the ensuing possession.

It still seems like there are better ways and times to issue a challenge. Coaches are still in preseason form, too, I guess.

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