Nick Nurse happy to get Tobias Harris going again in loss to Bucks

MILWAUKEE — For most of the night in Thursday’s 114-105 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Tobias Harris was unable to get going. He hadn’t many opportunities and it looked as if it would be another lost night for the veteran.

Through three quarters on Thursday, Harris had only six points on 1-for-6 shooting. However, he turned it around in the fourth quarter when he scored nine points on 4-for-5 shooting including a big triple to keep the Sixers in it.

All in all, Harris once again has to give more to this group in order to win games without Joel Embiid, but coach Nick Nurse was happy to get him going in the right direction again.

“Yeah, it was because it didn’t feel like he was again, not getting many opportunities,” Nurse said of Harris’s night. “No great looks, but he took it with some assertiveness and was turning the corner and he had Giannis (Antetokounmpo) on him to boot so he was getting into some good places and popping up and knocking them down. It’s good. Great to see.”

That’s the Harris the Sixers need going forward. The one who’s making quick decisions and using his size and strength to get to his spots on the offensive end of the floor. Philadelphia will not win games consistently without Embiid unless Harris builds off this.

The Sixers, as a whole, need to continue to build. It was tough sledding for everybody not named Tyrese Maxey in the loss to the Bucks, but Harris’s fourth quarter is something positive to move forward with.

“Just the ball going in,” Harris said. “That always helps, but a lot more movement. A lot more body movement on the floor, getting to the lane. Tyrese did a great job of just coming off pick-and-rolls and then taking what the defense giving him as well. So all those things.”

The Sixers will play host to the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday. The last time Harris faced the Hornets, he scored 31 points so that bodes well for him.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire