Nick Nurse explains what’s been different for Sixers’ Tobias Harris

PHILADELPHIA — Tobias Harris has always been a polarizing figure for the Philadelphia 76ers. An obvious talent and a natural leader on the floor, Harris has had some terrific moments as well as some not-so-great ones while in a Sixers uniform.

An example of this was when Harris combined to score just 12 points in a Dec. 18 loss to the Chicago Bulls and a Dec. 20 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. He combined to take 13 shots across the two games.

Since then, Harris has been much more aggressive averaging 23.2 points and shooting 38.2% from deep with 4.7 assists and 6.8 rebounds over his previous six games. Coach Nick Nurse is seeing a difference in Harris’s game recently as the veteran is making adjustments on the floor.

“I just think he got in just a better place,” said Nurse. “I think decision making more quickly. When he got the ball on a rebound, he was just pushing it hard up the floor. He got the ball on the throw ahead, he was attacking quickly. He got the ball at the top of the key, he was either making a drive or a shot or a pass, his decision making and I think that relates to feeling better. Feeling more confident was much better.”

Harris was terrific on Philadelphia’s recent road trip and he has been able to provide the support that Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid need on the offensive end to fuel their success. He has played with Embiid for a long time now so he knows what needs to be done next to the reigning league MVP.

“We just kinda go out there and hoop and let the game determine where it’s at,” said Harris. “Our offense is going through big fella and his dominance out there. All of us just have to figure out from time to time the ones to take, the ones that feel in rhythm, feel and flow, and fuel off of that.”

When the ball is moving on offense, then that allows everybody to find success. The offense will focus on Embiid and Maxey, but Harris is a real weapon and somebody who can give the Sixers a lot of production.

“With him and Tyrese running the two-man action well, that’s been really efficient for us,” Harris added. “A go-to kind of action for us so just kind of feeling that out. Generally, it’s a good offense for us as well and from there, if you have an open shot, let it go. If not, put it back on the floor, attack, hit the paint, and see what you can get.”

When Harris is involved and he feels like he’s being counted on, then his confidence soars. He and the Sixers can then continue to build on their success.

“We threw it to him in the post, he was bouncy and determined to score it,” Nurse finished. “Just all those things. I just think he felt more confident.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire