Nick Nurse evaluates Sixers after win over Heat, wants more organization

MIAMI — The Philadelphia 76ers were able to pick up an important 109-105 win over the Miami Heat on the road on Thursday. The Sixers had a solid night as they shot 46.7% from the floor and knocked down 14 triples as they continued to grow as a team.

With Joel Embiid back from injury and the offense now centered on the big fella and Tyrese Maxey, there will be some adjustments along the way. The additions the Sixers made at the deadline back in February are now having to adjust to playing with Embiid and that will take time.

When the Heat turned to their vaunted zone defense, it allowed them to work their way back into the game and slowed the Sixers down. Coach Nick Nurse was able to come up with some good schemes to attack it, but Philadelphia wasn’t able to convert on a lot of open looks.

“I thought we were getting wide-open shots, right?” Nurse said of his team’s offense. “I wasn’t super pleased with our zone offense tonight. I thought we were, again, still a little disorganized, a little stand stilly, all that kind of stuff, and just taking too long to get into the start of it. So it wasn’t much shot clock left to play with, right?”

The game on Thursday featured a lot of runs. The Sixers opened the game up 12-0 before the Heat responded and took a lead. Philadelphia then went on a 20-1 run, Miami went on its own run, and eventually, the Sixers were able to close it out.

Still, there are ways for the Sixers to be better out on the floor, and getting more organized on the offensive end will certainly help.

“I think the two stretches, we didn’t make our 3s and they did, right?” Nurse added. “In the stretch where they went on their run. I still thought we were—we kept telling the guys listen, we’re doing the really getting really good shots, but we got to get more organized defensively. Our transition defense was a little bit unorganized tonight, too.”

With that being said, while Nurse would like to see more organization, the Sixers were getting good shots against Miami’s zone. Philadelphia got the ball in Embiid’s hands and let him go to work in the middle of it. The Sixers just weren’t able to convert.

“We had a lot of wide-open looks,” said Embiid. “In that first quarter and that start of the second, I think we missed six 3s in a row. Wide-open. I missed two wide-open mid-range jumpers and then the fourth quarter, the beginning and end of that third, and beginning of the fourth. Same thing. Missing a lot of wide-open shots. I don’t think the zone gave us any issues, we just didn’t make shots.”

The Sixers will look to build off this win over the Heat when they visit the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire