Nick Nurse details Sixers’ preparation for opening night vs. Bucks

PHILADELPHIA–The preseason is over in the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers will now turn their attention to opening night and a road matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

The Sixers will look to get off on the right foot amid the James Harden saga and coach Nick Nurse will be looking to begin his tenure in Philadelphia with a win.

Now is the time for Nurse and his staff to get into a room, go over film, and decide how the Sixers will move forward.

“We’re gonna study the last couple games and watch film for a little bit,” said Nurse. “We’re gonna do a pretty good study of where we think we need to kind of dig in and get better.”

When a team takes on the Bucks, the focus is on stopping Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, but he now has a new running mate in star guard Damian Lillard who will make his Milwaukee debut.

“Obviously, you’re playing Milwaukee and you always gotta understand that game starts with transition defense,” Nurse continued. “You’ve got a freight train coming at you the whole game and you gotta get ready to get your defense set up so I know that’s one thing we’ll be focusing on for sure.”

With that being said, the Sixers also have to clean up some mistakes that were made in the preseason. This is where Nurse and his staff will be able to really buckle down and figure out how they’re going to attack the Bucks and the 2023-24 season as a whole.

“We gotta polish up a lot of things,” the coach finished. “There’s some stuff that we’ve been running in practice that we haven’t run here. That stuff will need some extra polish because we haven’t really used it. That’s kind of like out-of-bounds plays and other things like that. There’s plenty of things to polish up this week. That’s for sure.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire