Nick Mullens asked Kyle Shanahan to stop talking, but coach couldn’t hear him

Charean Williams
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

49ers quarterback Nick Mullens made his NFL debut last week, of course. But it seems coach Kyle Shanahan might have acted more nervous than Mullens.

On Tuesday, tight end George Kittle relayed a story about Shanahan and Mullens’ communication during the game against the Raiders.

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It seems when Mullens got in the huddle to call a play relayed to him by Shanahan, Shanahan kept talking in Mullens’ ear. Mullens asked Shanahan to stop talking.

The only problem? It’s a one-way radio, so Shanahan couldn’t hear Mullens.

“That’s really funny,” Kittle said, via Nick Wagoner of ESPN.

Mullens verified the story.

“George talks a lot,” Mullens said. “No, sometimes in the huddle, you hear the play call, and you’re ready to repeat it. And so yeah, I was just ready to call the play.”

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