Nick Kroll cracks up Stephen Colbert while giving the sex talk to America

Superfan TV

America’s TV dad, Stephen Colbert, brought America’s cool older TV cousin, Nick Kroll, onto The Late Show to have an awkward conversation about puberty. Colbert and Kroll started off with all the changes your body goes through during puberty, like body hair. When Colbert asked “cool cousin” Kroll if he was getting body hair, he said, “Yeah, I can scrub a pot with my nip hair!” And if having “the talk” wasn’t hard enough, Kroll kept cracking up Colbert.

The laughs continued throughout the conversation and Colbert completely lost it when Kroll explained is preferred choice of contraceptive. “You can save $10 and just put a tooth whitening strip on your peener, works great,” Kroll exclaimed. When Colbert urged people not to do that, Kroll added, “Do it. My penis has never been whiter.” That is when Colbert lost it as he looked down in an attempt to hold back his laughter. But Kroll made it difficult by adding, “You gotta see it smile.” And while there was no useful information, at least everyone had a good laugh.

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