Nick Jonas Roasts Brother Kevin for Being a Disney Adult

Jonas-Brothers-Chicken-Shop-Date - Credit: Youtube

The Jonas Brothers are the ultimate wife guys, but even their vows couldn’t keep Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg from adding them to her roster of first and last dates. To his credit, Kevin did spend the majority of his date talking about his wife, recalling his greatest romantic gesture over chicken and fries.

“I was able to shut down Disney World one night and stay inside the park, this place called the dream suite,” he gushed. “No one else is in the park, and we got to walk around in bathrobes in Disneyland. Wouldn’t you love to walk around Disneyland in slippers and bathrobes and ride rollercoasters?”

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Dimoldenberg didn’t catch the potentially unintentional nod to “Rollercoaster,” a deep cut from Happiness Begins, mainly because she was so perplexed by the idea of being hundreds of feet off the ground with nothing but a glorified towel covering her body. “I would be nervous to ride a rollercoaster in a bathrobe cause it might just, whoop,” she said, imagining the hypothetical event going wrong.

And while Nick admits that Kevin is more romantic than both himself and Joe, he refuses to let him off the hook for being a certified Disney adult when Dimoldenberg brings up the topic of their date. “He did [stay at Disneyland] as an adult human being. Not as a child, not as a contest-winning child,” Nick noted with a laugh and some not-so-subtle judgment. “He paid to do that.”

While Kevin spent his date talking about his wife and Nick spent his date talking about Kevin, Joe brought complete chaos — and his wife, Sophie Turner — to his. Instead of bringing her flowers like a normal person, Joe brought Dimoldenberg a money tree. He also predicted that we’ll all be dead by the year 3000. When the host cuts their date short, Turner couldn’t be happier, asking: “I’m bored. Can we go?” To her husband’s surprise, Turner takes off with Dimoldenberg, leaving him with their leftover chicken and fries.

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