Nick Jonas is a terrible intern on 'The Late Late Show'

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The Late Late Show With James Corden got a new intern by the name of Nick Jonas. And apparently being a member of a megaband doesn’t teach you how to fetch refreshments.

Jonas came onstage after Corden realized he did not have any water in his mug. After getting an earful from Corden about the lack of water, Jonas was asked where James’s nightly pastry was.

Jonas retrieved a Danish from his pocket, but Corden didn’t want it. He said, “That is disgusting — it’s covered in fluff!”

However, when Jonas tried to leave with the filthy pastry, the host had second thoughts, saying, “I didn’t say take it away. You can still leave it.”

Ultimately, Jonas proved he wasn’t completely inept as an intern; he gave Corden a message that earned him high praise.

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