Nick Foles: Sports shows us what’s possible when we stop looking at skin color

Charean Williams
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Many quarterbacks are standing up and speaking out, and Nick Foles has added his name to the list.

The Bears quarterback said on social media he has been “torn up” by the death of George Floyd. He listed two Bible verses related to equality and urged everyone to “love our neighbor,” saying, “We are not just to read this verse but to live it out.”

“I have been torn up this last week,” Foles wrote. “My faith is in the Lord and my complete trust is in Jesus Christ. I have been thinking about what to say during this tragic time. My heart is with the black and brown communities and for the family of George Floyd. Tori and I are constantly praying for y’all.

“What came to my heart is this: My favorite part of playing football has not been winning a Super Bowl or running the Philly Special. It has been to Glorify God and to play with men from all different backgrounds and races. To use football as an example, the beautiful thing about playing football has been the diversity within the locker room. Men come together to achieve the common goal of winning games no matter what their background. To do that, they must love one another, genuinely. It becomes a real brotherhood. I have been a part of some special teams. The special teams did not always have the best playbook, but they did have the strongest brotherhood. Sports show us what is possible when we stop looking at the difference in skin color and look at the heart of an individual. Christ tells us to love our neighbor. No matter how they look or what their color of skin is we are to genuinely love one another. Football shows that this is possible and it is truly a beautiful thing when it is from the heart. To all my brothers and sisters in the black and brown communities, Tori and I dearly love y’all and we are here to walk alongside y’all and to listen.”

Nick Foles: Sports shows us what’s possible when we stop looking at skin color originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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