Nick Foles' emotional answer about playing for his daughter is everything

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Nobody has more to gain from the result of Sunday’s Super Bowl than Nick Foles.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback will be a legend in Philly forever if he’s the quarterback who brings the city its first Super Bowl title. With a win, his story will be told by NFL fans for decades as the backup who took over and won a title. Yet, with a ton of pressure on him for Super Bowl LII, it was a question about his daughter that caused his most emotional response.

At the Eagles’ media availability Tuesday, Foles was asked about his daughter Lily, who was born in June. The experience of being a father has obviously changed him. Like Tom Brady starting to cry telling the media at last year’s Super Bowl that his dad was his hero, Foles choked up talking about his young daughter.

“That’s the most important thing,” Foles said after a pause. “When I think about this journey and everything, I get home and I, uh … ”

Foles turned his head for a moment and tried to compose himself.

“I get to see her. I get to see my wife,” Foles continued. “I see her and my wife, just in her face and in her mannerisms, that’s what it’s about. I know that every time I step on the field, every single thing I do, there’s going to be some days she looks and wants to know who her daddy was and what he did.”

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Back at the start of Eagles camp, Foles said about fatherhood, “It’s the greatest thing in the world. I can’t explain it. Being a father is the coolest thing in the world.” Even after a whirlwind season that put him in the NFL spotlight after Carson Wentz’s injury, being a good role model for Lily by doing things the right away is what he said he focuses on.

“I think about that,” Foles said. “I know she’s going to grow up and I want her to be proud of her daddy.”

He didn’t seem to mean he wanted to make her proud by winning a Super Bowl. If anything, he can compartmentalize whatever stress he has over the biggest game of his football career because his daughter doesn’t care what happens.

“That takes the pressure away,” Foles said. “I get to go home to her every night and no matter what happens, no matter if I play a horrible game, she loves me. She has no idea. We win the Super Bowl, she has no idea. She’s going to love me no matter what.”

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles answers questions during a media availability Tuesday. (AP)
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles answers questions during a media availability Tuesday. (AP)

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