Is Nick Chubb hinting at a quicker return to Browns than anticipated?

The Cleveland Browns saw their rushing attack take a steep decline after the injury to star running back Nick Chubb, their very own Batman.

However, the running back and the Browns reworked his contract to ensure that he would return to Cleveland in 2024. The return of Chubb is one of the more anticipated returns since LeBron James came back to the Cavaliers in 2014 as he has been the heart and soul of the Browns since he joined the squad via the 2018 NFL draft.

Posting to Instagram, Chubb may seem to be indicating that the return of Batman is drawing nearer than anticipated. In his post, he displays Batman getting knocked down, spitting up blood, wiping his mouth, and then returning to battle.

Chubb got knocked down and out, he has wiped the blood from his mouth, but just how soon could the superstar get back on the field? If this offseason is any indication, where the Browns signed two veterans to one-year deals and did not s a young back, perhaps Chubb could be back sooner than anyone could have imagined.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire