Nick Caserio goes on epic rant in response to Patriots rumors

Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio did not hold back when discussing if he was a potential candidate for the New England Patriots’ general manager job.

It had been reported in November that Caserio would be among a list of “home run hires”, should the Patriots choose to make changes to their personnel.

He began his career with New England as an offensive coaching assistant in 2002. He was New England’s director of player personnel from 2008-2020 and is familiar with the inner workings of the Patriots.

Nevertheless, he is vehemently denying rumors that there is any thought of him coming to New England. As of right now, he is still employed with the Texans, as the organization looks to begin their playoff push.

Caserio spoke about his thoughts in terms of being connected with the New England job, and did so emphatically, as transcribed by’s Jason Ounpraseuth.

“I’m going to try and hold my tongue here a little. But I would just say, this time of year, there’s a lot of things that are said and anybody who makes a jackass statement that they either know me, or trust me, you can rely on this information honestly is totally off base,” Caserio said on SportsRadio 610. “I would say I am grateful for the opportunity I have here. Respectfully, I know there are reporters who think they have all the information.

“This becomes silly season. It happens every year, during the January-February cycle when you have coaching changes, whether it’s around the draft. …I focus on the things I can control and not worry about some offhanded statements made out of left field that quite frankly have zero validity. …Whoever these reporters are that make these ridiculous statements, maybe you want to talk to me about it first before you put some information out there that actually has zero basis.”

There’s no denying the success Caserio has had with the Texans’ organization during his tenure there. The Texans have drafted several up-and-coming stars, such as quarterback C. J. Stroud and wide receiver Tank Dell. They are well-positioned for the future and look to make a playoff push.

It will be interesting to see what kind of personnel moves the Patriots make, as they try to improve in the future. Caserio would be a logical fit, given his familiarity with the organization, but he clearly already has a good thing going in Houston right now.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire