Nick Bosa will talk to his brother about facing Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Charean Williams
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Nick Bosa knows exactly who to ask about playing the Chiefs.

The 49ers defensive end’s not-so-secret weapon is his older brother, Joey, who faces the Chiefs twice a season every season with the Chargers.

“We’re going to be talking,” Nick said Thursday, via Matt Barrows of “He has pretty good input on these guys. He’s going to give me everything that he could give me, and it’s up to me to go use it.”

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Not that Joey Bosa has had much success against the Chiefs. He has no career sacks against Patrick Mahomes and five quarterback hits in three games.

Nick Bosa sees similarities between Mahomes and Russell Wilson.

“Yes, very similar with extending plays and play breakdowns that turn into long touchdowns,” Bosa said. “You watch Tennessee, second half they didn’t get much of a rush. And you saw what happens. That’s definitely a big focus.”

Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh calls Mahomes a “superstar” with “ridiculous” arm strength. The 49ers know they have their hands full with Mahomes.

“What I don’t think people give him enough credit for is that he actually plays quarterback,” Saleh said. “There’s a lot of quarterbacks in this league who will say no to [option] No. 1 and then it just becomes street ball. He gets rid of the ball on time. He puts it where it needs to be. He hits a lot of throws in rhythm. And when he needs to take his shot, he knows how to buy time in the pocket and do it.”

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