Nick Bosa: Facing Chiefs in Super Bowl again is perfect

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa's rookie season ended with a trip to the Super Bowl, but he wasn't able to celebrate in Miami because the Chiefs came back to win Super Bowl LIV.

Bosa and the 49ers booked another trip to the Super Bowl with Sunday's comeback win over the Lions and they'll be facing familiar opposition in Las Vegas. The Chiefs are back in the game for the fourth time in five years and Bosa's initial reaction to the matchup was that it was a fitting way for things to play out.

"It's perfect," Bosa said, via "And they're as great as an organization, coach, quarterback as there is. And they were down, not looking great this year either, and they're playing their best ball now, so it's going to be a big challenge."

There are big differences from last time — for starters, Tyreek Hill isn't on the Chiefs and Jimmy Garoppolo isn't quarterbacking the Niners — but there's enough carryover on both sides to make this feel connected to the last time. Bosa and company will be hoping that the ending plays out differently than it did in Florida four years ago.