Nick Bosa asks Brock Purdy: Did you think you'd be this good?

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa was the second overall pick in his draft year. 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant. And Bosa can't help but wonder where Purdy's confidence comes from.

In the 49ers' locker room after their win over the Lions in the NFC Championship Game, Bosa questioned Purdy about how he has come so far in less than two years in the league.

"The fact that you are doing this blows my mind," Bosa told Purdy, in a clip that aired on Inside the NFL. "Did you think you'd be this good? How much confidence did you have? Because I was the second pick in the draft and I lacked confidence at times."

Purdy deflected, saying, "Honestly, I could do better, bro." That's a scary thought for the Chiefs.