Nikolaj Ehlers

Nikolaj Ehlers

Height/Weight: 6' 0"/172 lbs
Born: Aalborg, Denmark
Draft: 2014 1st round (9th pick) by the
Shoots: L
  • Calgary Flames Qualifying Round Report Card
    Matchsticks and Gasoline

    Calgary Flames Qualifying Round Report Card

    With a few extra days to look back at the qualifying round, I wanted to grade each of the Flames players and their performances during the series. I chose to go with the Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory, and Needs Improvement grading system rather than the letter grading as I feel it’s a better indicator of a short sample size. There’s a number of players who I put in the very good class who we could argue (quite fairly so) were excellent so I decided to limit it to the elite of the elite.

  • The Associated Press

    Puncher's chance: Fighting is up during unique NHL playoffs

    The Toronto Maple Leafs' season was hanging by a thread from one of Jason Spezza's gloves when he dropped them to the ice to fight Dean Kukan. ''I just tried to spark the guys, just trying to show some desperation and have some push-back,'' Spezza said after Toronto's emotional comeback victory against Columbus he played a substantial role in. Spezza versus Kukan was fight No. 8 in the first week of the NHL playoffs, almost triple the total from the entire 2019 postseason combined.

  • Winnipeg Jets will have a Top 10 draft pick in 2020

    Winnipeg Jets will have a Top 10 draft pick in 2020

    You’ll remember at the end of June the NHL held the first phase of the draft lotto where Team E won the chance to select 1st overall. While the Jets are dealing with the reality that their play-in loss cost them a chance at the Stanley Cup it also provided them with a one in eight shot at the 1st overall pick. Of course if they don’t end up with the first overall selection then they could would be assigned a spot between 9 and 15 as follows according to the NHL: The seven teams not selected in P...