• Kansas City Star

    I let fear of gun violence keep me from KC’s Celebration at the Station. I regret it | Opinion

    The fatal mass shooting at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory rally was still on Yvette Walker’s mind this Memorial Day weekend.

  • Reuters

    Musk's Neuralink registers brain implant study on US government database

    Neuralink is testing its implant to give paralyzed patients the ability to use digital devices by thinking alone, a prospect that could help people with spinal cord injuries. The study was registered as a "first-in-human early feasibility study" on Monday. Early feasibility studies are exempt from a requirement to post trial details on the U.S. National Institutes of Health's website,, but major medical journals often require trials be registered on the database.

  • Associated Press

    A look at Pope Francis' comments about LGBTQ+ people

    Pope Francis' apology Tuesday for using a vulgar term to refer to gay men was the latest comment to make headlines about the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality. Francis has made a hallmark of reaching out to LGBTQ+ Catholics, but his 11-year pontificate has also seen plenty of problems arise over his informal way of speaking and his outreach, evidence of how fraught the issue is for the church. Officially, the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual people must be treated with dignity and respect, but that homosexual activity is “intrinsically disordered.”