Keith Yandle

Keith Yandle

Height/Weight: 6' 1"/192 lbs
Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Draft: 2005 4th round (105th pick) by the
Shoots: L
  • The Daily Tar Heel

    Column: The NHL's performative activism isn't good enough

    The first National Hockey League pride night I ever went to was in 2018. I was thrilled to be there. My first favorite team, the Carolina Hurricanes, was playing my third favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks, and it was pride night.

  • Sports Illustrated Minnesota Sports, News, Analysis, and More

    Marcus Foligno's punch broke Flyers' Zack MacEwen's jaw

    Philadelphia Flyers forward Zack MacEwen is expected to miss a month or more after suffering a broken jaw during his fight against Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno on Thursday night. It's hard to tell which punch did the damage, but Foligno landed a vicious uppercut near the end of their tilt and MacEwen fell to the ice moments later. ESPN's cameras showed MacEwen in discomfort in the penalty box after the fight and he didn't return to the game.

  • Arctic Ice Hockey

    Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. Philadelphia Flyers

    I’m not much for alarmist overreactions, but I think the Winnipeg Jets might be in a spot of trouble. The last few weeks have been turbulent for the Jets, and the team seems like it’s chugging miserably into the All-Star break. Old habits that the Jets never truly evicted from the premises have crept back in, and the team looks like it’s fighting an uphill battle to score.