Ryan Miller

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 168
Birth Place: East Lansing, Michigan
Draft: 1999 5th round (138th pick) by the
  • Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Time is Running Out
    On the Forecheck

    Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Time is Running Out

    Hockey News & Notes It’s almost PTO time for the NHL’s remaining free agents | SBNation.com There’s quite a few now former Predators on this list. It seems like Harry Z won’t be making his way back to the Nashville lineup for the time being, but there’s still some time left before the season starts. NHL Players Most Likely to Have Sophomore Slumps in 2017-18 | Bleacher Report I’m not surprised to see a few of the guys on this list. CoughMattCoughMurrayCough. The sophomore slump can be a terrible thing, but they don’t always have to be career defining. And if they are at least there’s a great Fall Out Boy song about it. Luongo's solar eclipse joke wins the day | NHL.com We don’t deserve Roberto

  • Anaheim Ducks Primer for 2017-18
    The Hockey Writers

    Anaheim Ducks Primer for 2017-18

    If you’re looking for a team that accepts bandwagon fans with open arms, look no further than the Anaheim Ducks. Although blessed with recent postseason (and regular season) success, the Ducks are still a very small hockey market with a fan base that struggles to fill the stadium. Against more popular NHL teams, Ducks fans often barely outnumber their opposing teams’ fans. Against fierce rivals, such as the Los Angeles Kings, the scale may be tipped more in the opposing fans’ favor. Despite that, the passionate fans the Ducks do have, have a lot to be excited about. As young players begin to come into their own, the Ducks window to earn their second Stanley Cup is wide-open. Without further ado,

  • Sharks Training Camp starts on September 15
    Fear The Fin

    Sharks Training Camp starts on September 15

    Hockey is about three-and-a-half weeks away, as the San Jose Sharks announced today they will open training camp on Friday, September 15 at their practice facility, Solar4America Ice. The first on-ice session will take place at 9:30 A.M. on that day, with the roster once again split into two groups. That session, and others, will also be open to the general public. That’s eight days earlier than last season, as there’s no World Cup of Hockey to work around this fall. Rookies will report even earlier, beginning rookie camp at noon on September 7. San Jose’s rookies will play against rookies representing the Colorado Avalanche, Anaheim Ducks, and Arizona Coyotes in games as part of the 2017 Prospect