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Todd Bertuzzi(notes) has established that he has some pretty dangerous hands (shut up, that's not what I'm talking about). Bertuzzi emerged as one of the league's most dangerous shootout specialists in 2010-11, surprising goaltenders with stickhandling, spin-o-ramas and wizardry on par with teammate Pavel Datsyuk(notes).

It would appear that Bertuzzi is intent on picking up where he left off. Here's a nifty, between-the-legs move from Sunday night's preseason contest between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks:

The announcer describes this goal as Datsyukian, and it is, but the adjective Malikian, (which I just made up), comes to mind as well (probably because I just made it up).

It's the threat of Marek Malik's(notes) world-renowned between-the-legs shootout goal that causes goaltender Alexander Salak(notes) to cheat to his right. Once he does, Bertuzzi passes the puck forward to himself, then flips the puck up over Salak's left pad instead.

The NHL season hasn't even started yet, and we already have a contender for best shootout goal. It's going to be a fun year.

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