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As with any 4-0 game in the third period, things were getting chippy, especially after the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton early in the game.

With the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks dishing out over 60 hits by the middle of the third period, Tim Thomas(notes) wanted to get involved after facing just one shot at the time through almost seven minutes of play.

His victim: Henrik Sedin(notes):

How about a view from inside the Bruins net?

Moments later Daniel Sedin(notes), along with Andrew Ference(notes), would take off-setting 10-minute misconducts after he tried to sell a call to no avail.

Should that have been a penalty on Thomas? Well, the puck was there and he just wanted to separate Sedin from it while clearing his crease at the same time. And yes, Thomas was officially credited with a hit.

Said Thomas after the game:

"He was catching the puck. That happens a lot in practice off of rebounds and stuff like that, where the guy reaches up to catch the puck. I've learned from practice if you wait for him, he can put it down this way or he can put it down this way.

"I get scored on in practice if I sit back and try to react to where he sits the puck down with his hand. I had 1/100th of a second to make a decision of what I was going to do. That's the way I decided to play it to try to keep the puck out of the net."

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