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Late in the second period on Wednesday night, with the Anaheim Ducks leading 2-1, either Matt Stajan(notes) and/or Tim Jackman(notes) of the Calgary Flames appeared to send the puck over the goal line and onto Ray Emery's(notes) blocker during a chaotic sequence. But the refs ruled "no goal" on the ice and there wasn't ample evidence for the War Room to overturn that call.

The real question: Did Ryan Getzlaf(notes) "hide" the puck from the officials during this scramble, taking it off of Emery and stashing it under his own body in order to prevent a Flames goal? TSN breaks this sucker down frame-by-frame:

Perhaps Getzlaf's time playing with Chris Pronger(notes) sharpened his puck-swiping abilities ...

Insult to indignity for the Flames: Lubomir Visnovsky(notes) scored moments later to extend the Ducks' lead, and Anaheim won the game 4-2.

Getzlaf was interviewed on TSN between periods about the play, and resembled a cat that just chowed down on the family canary.

Did Calgary get jobbed? Was this a goal? It's a confusing play, for sure; we're not definitively convinced it was a goal or not a goal. We are convinced, however, that Ryan Getzlaf is sneaky; and, in turn, does things that leaders do in order to help their teams succeed.

UPDATE: From reader Justin Orman comes this video that shows the puck actually dropped off of Emery during the scrum.

Writes Justin: "Did the puck cross the line?  I can't tell for sure.  But whatever it is that everyone has been looking at in the other video that Getzlaf 'grabbed', was something on Emery's jersey, not the puck, which was, as noted above, on the ice already."

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