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There are certain songs that will always win the battle between human willpower vs. the primal desire to shake one's booty to the beat.

The Venga Boys' "We Like To Party" is one such song. C'mon: "Happiness is just around the corner?" That's borderline cult recruitment propaganda right there. As Florida Panthers goalie and current member of the AHL San Antonio Rampage Jacob Markstrom shows us, there's simply no denying the siren's song of the Venga Bus during a stoppage for shattered glass:

Was anyone else doing a silent countdown to a Ned Braden imitation right there? Or Eric Nystrom imitating Ned Braden at least?

We expect copious amounts of animated .gifs with Markstrom using his goalie stick to cabbage patch.

s/t to reader Kim Peacock for the clip.

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