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As we'll explain in a post on Thursday, the price of beer at NHL games is quite substantial. It's liquid gold. Or, in the case of Bud Light, gold-colored liquid.

In this economy, we simply can't allow our beverages to be emptied on an arena floor before consumption, due to some outside force. Which is why this is the saddest five seconds of hockey video we've seen today, as a fan at a Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames game gets his beer checked out of his hand near the glass:

*sniff* … heroin beer, we hardly knew ye.

It's rather simple, people. Be aware of the action near the glass. And for Molson's sake, don't put your beer on boards like it's your end table. Because this will happen (one NSFW word from the fan in disgust)

Finally, in perhaps our greatest lesson: Please be aware that pucks do leave the ice surface on occasion and may, in fact, end up in the bottom of your cup.

Just know the risks. There isn't always going to be a Mike Rupp out there to give you $10 and a puck for your troubles.

The preceding post as been brought to you as a public service by your friends at Puck Daddy. s/t to Reddit Hockey for the Canucks/Flames spillage.

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