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This is … deplorable. Over the weekend, Keller High School (white sweaters) defeated Arlington Martin, 9-3, to win the Texas State Championship. But the end of the game was marred by this nonsensical line brawl that left players injured and lured security personnel out on the ice.

Here's the original YouTube clip that sparked the outrage:

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From the Ellis County Observer, an editorial posted on Monday about the fight:

These mongrels were raised to do things like this. I cannot fathom seeing how parents would allow their gunpowder-fed boys engaging in this level of sick "sport." The professionals in the NHL are a bit dumb, too, because…they fight simply for ratings. It's stupid.

But on the Texas high school hockey level, this is beyond belief. If I walked down from the stands and clocked the hockey coach, that would be a felony. This happens? And it's "sport."

Accusations of "mongrel" behavior aside, this crap at the youth level is, in fact, that kind of thing that makes a parent think twice about letting his or her child lace'em up. And that's hard to stomach.

No word on any disciplinary action taken against the teams or the players.

UPDATE: In an inexplicable coincidence, a local Dallas-Fort Worth TV station has suddenly "discovered" this story. That said, it does include player names, quotes from coaches and some an update on the fallout. Here's another story from the Dallas Morning News that details how one player suffered a concussion and broken jaw.

Stick-tap to reader Jesse Gonzales, who was told "the kid who gets blindsided suffered a Grade 3 concussion" (unconfirmed).

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