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As Devils super fan David Puddy once declared, "Ya gotta support the team." Although we're not sure leaping over the glass to give the home team an extra body in a hockey brawl is what he had in mind.

Kids, don't try this … well, ever:

Cosby Sweaters found this clip on YouTube, but Daily Picks and Flicks did the due diligence to figure out the details. According to them, this is from the Region Centre Cup Junior Tournament in Podolsk, Russia, this month, where 20 British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) players competed. This was a game against the U-20 Russian National team.

From Picks and Flicks:

In the third period there was a brawl between teams along the glass, just inside the Russian blueline. Suddenly a drunk Russian fan jumped onto the ice and went after Jayson Reardon. Reardon wrestled the fan to the ice allowing the officials to escort him to the penalty box and then back into the stands for the authorities to deal with him.

The Canadian players were actually nicer to him than expected: The headlock, a few pokes with the stick. Meanwhile, a Russian player actually gets in between a Canadian player and this invader from the stands. Way to support the brotherhood there, comrade.

See, this is why Tie Domi needs to chaperone every Canadian junior team trip.

s/t to Picks and Flicks.

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