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In the third period of last night's Anaheim Ducks victory at the San Jose Sharks, something rather fowl left the stands and hit the ice: a dead mallard, tossed from the seats at HP Pavilion Arena.

As the video shows, the fan that tossed the deceased duck appeared to be rocking a teal jersey; so rather than an Anaheim fan attempting to establish some type of bird-based takeoff of the Detroit Red Wings octopus toss, this would appear to be a declarative statement from a San Jose fan that when Anaheim enters the Shark Tank, they're dead ducks.

So, naturally, the Ducks won the game, 3-2, snapping a 13-game road losing streak.

Video: Fan throws dead duck during Anaheim win in San Jose

The faceoff was down the other end of the ice during this incident. Jonas Hiller skated out of his crease but wanted nothing to do with it. The on-ice officials picked it up and skated it over to the benches to disposal. (An aside: Between octopi and fish and ducks, NHL referees are second only to county road maintenance workers in the disposal of dead animals in high traffic areas.)

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The Sharks fans cheered this scene, and why not? Once you've witnessed a shark with an octopus in its mouth hit the ice during a Stanley Cup Playoff game, a duck on the rink isn't going phase you. Our only question: Did it quack the ice? (Shamelessly stolen from Twitter last night.)

So, in summary: Octopi in Detroit and wherever the Detroit Red Wings play; catfish for the Nashville Predators; rats, thankfully rubber, for the Florida Panthers; a salmon during a Vancouver Canucks game; a chicken in Los Angeles; a snake, again thankfully rubber, for the Phoenix Coyotes; sharks in San Jose; and now, a duck.

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We said it before, we'll say it again: What are you waiting for, Boston Bruins? Cowboy up …

(s/t PHT for the video; reader Jordan C. for the photo.)

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