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The biggest difference between American and Canadian hockey fans is the respectful manner in which Canadian fans conduct themselves while attending a live event; refusing to traffic in the vulgarity and brutality of their neighbours to the South, always treating the game with OMG FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT AT BELL CENTRE!

From our buddy JT Utah of 25Stanley.com, embedded at Bell Centre for the Montreal Canadiens' 1-0 loss to the Boston Bruins in Monday night:

Huge brawl at the Bell Centre between during the Habs vs. Bruins game. Well, nothing if you compare it to what happens in Philly.

Anyway, it happened in the red section (lower level) with about a minute left to play. The refs and Tim Thomas(notes) took a look at the fight.

Yes, it was a Habs vs. Bruins fan thing.

Security had a hard time breaking the fight. Six guards were needed to take out the guy with no shirt.

That said, it was pretty handy work by the Bell Centre security detail to quell that thing before it got out of hand. Although had this happened in Boston, we can only assume Timmy would have ripped off the mask, climbed the glass and made it clobberin' time.

To ask the question we're sure you're all asking: Did any Montreal fans call the police having witnessed this act of violence at the arena? When does the investigation start?

UPDATE: More from the Montreal Gazette --

Montreal police Constable Olivier Lapointe said Tuesday.  The fight, caught on video, involved several people in at least two clusters and at one point a man was being punched and kicked by three people.  Bell Centre security can be seen on the video restraining and removing at least one of those involved in the fight from the seating area.

"No one complained to police so there is no investigation," Lapointe said. "At one point we were called to the scene (by Bell Centre security staff) but when we got there the people (involved in the fight) had dispersed."

So there's that.

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