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When the original "Star Wars" came out in 1977, it was an international sensation because it helped cut through the monotonous cynicism of that decade's cinema with pure visceral thrills and a positive attitude.

So, to paraphrase a classic line: Help us, Hoodwinked Films, you're our only hope … for escaping the musical purgatory of endless Wiz Khalifa parodies. (We're looking at you, "Black Red Yellow Black Red Yellow Black Red Yellow Black Red Yellow.")

Here's a Canucks playoff anthem set to the tune of Cee-Lo Green's defiant kiss-off "F*** You." Follow the bouncing heads.

The moment this became a classic: "I'm like, uh, Ryyyyyyyyy …"

(Although, admittedly, we're a little thrown off by the whole Shane Doan(notes) goalie cameo.)

Maybe it's the buoyant source material, but that song sorta ruled, as far as playoff anthems go. When do we get a Chicago/Vancouver battle of the bands, Scott Pilgrim style, with one side rocking "Canucks Rule" and the other pounding out "Chelsea Dagger"? Winner takes the series, and wins the heart of Ramona Flowers.

Stick-tap to 'notanallstar' for the clip.

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