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Without the benefit of a glance at his stats page, guess how many career playoff victories Tomas Vokoun(notes) of the Florida Panthers has?

The answer: Three in the 11 playoff games he's played, the last of which was in 2007. His playoff game wins to games in which a teammate slashed him in the head is 3-to-1. That's not very good.

So Vokoun is understandably dismayed about the Florida Panthers finishing out of the money for an NHL record 10th consecutive season, even if he's trying to also say the right things about the direction of the franchise.

Via Harvey Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel, Vokoun thinks GM Dale Tallon can bring this franchise closer to success, but isn't a happy goalie:

"Dale has done it before and he knows what to do,'' Vokoun said. "At the same time I like to tell the truth. Nobody can tell me they enjoy doing this or being out of the playoffs again. You don't like to lose and you don't like to be in this position for this many years."

What makes this year special for Vokoun, of course, is that he can leave if he doesn't like to lose, as an unrestricted free agent this summer. There was mutual interest in having him remain a Panther back in January; has another season eliminated from the playoffs, and staring at a bottomed-out rebuild for the team, changed that?

Those reports about his desire to stay always struck us as odd. On the Panthers' side, going with Scott Clemmensen(notes) and top prospect Jacob Markstrom(notes) next season seemed like a natural progression.

On Vokoun's side … well, he's 35 and has played in 11 postseason games. Why toil in South Florida during a rebuild when the clock's ticking, right?

Well, what if the grass isn't greener? Fialkov reports that only one "contender" showed interest in Vokoun at the deadline, and speculates why:

Perhaps, it was Vokoun's age or his gaudy prorated contract that would've cost teams approximately $1.5 million for a 25-game lease. Or, it could be the perception that although Vokoun is right around his career stats - including eighth in save percentage (.921) and 2.60 goals-against-average - he allows too many soft goals on rebounds that should be controlled.

There's no way in hell he's making $6.3 million in the NHL next season. The goaltending jobs with contenders aren't exactly bountiful; of the 16 current playoff teams — hell of the NHL's Top 20 teams — how many will be in the market for a goalie of Vokoun's stature, salary and presumed workload?

Prediction: Vokoun leaves Florida, sees his price tag drop dramatically and latches on with a contender for shared duty (45-50 starts) rather than as the workhorse.

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