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As you might have heard, a Vancouver Canucks fan lifted her Henrik Sedin(notes) jersey and pressed her bare breasts against the penalty box glass as Ben Eager(notes) of the San Jose Sharks sat obliviously in the third period of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

But the CBC cameras (and the thousands of screen grabs of that footage) didn't capture the face of The Girl Who Flashed Ben Eager. Rich Lam of Getty Images, however, was on the j-o-b and captured this image on Wednesday night.

So it turns out she's just the girl next door with multiple piercings, a studded belt and a complete lack of inhibitions.

Meanwhile, Frank Appleyard of Postmedia spoke with the CBC about those six seconds of titillation from Game 2:

CBC head of media relations Jeff Keay said that the footage was picked up by an in-house camera that the broadcaster doesn't control.

… Keay said that the CBC has "no plans at this time" to institute a tape delay to prevent similar images hitting the airwaves in future. The CBC placed controversial hockey commentator Don Cherry on a seven-second tape delay in 2004 following comments he made during its Coach's Corner segment.

Keay said the CBC was hopeful fans would keep their passion more carefully hidden at future games. "We appreciate the enthusiasm of our fans, but we hope that they act appropriately at the game," he said.

We see nothing inappropriate about any of this, sir.

Again, now that her face has made Getty Images, the identity will soon follow. We'd love to talk to our playoff MVP — puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com if you please.

UPDATE: We located her, reached out to her over Facebook to let her know she's a hero to our readership. She declined the interview request. She further requested that we blur her face out in the photo. Before we could write back to explain that Getty Images is an international wire service that we have no control over, and that there's actually a second photo of her face and her exposed breast on Getty, she deleted her Facebook account. If you're reading this, the offer still stands, ma'am.

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