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Taylor Hall says Twitter hacked, doesn’t think Oilers fans are worstHacking Twitter accounts of famous people is either a nefarious practice to tarnish the good name of someone in the public eye, or used as a convenient excuse when a someone accidentally tweets a photo of his genitals.

Thankfully — or regrettably, ladies — Taylor Hall(notes) of the Edmonton Oilers appears to fall into the category of the former.

Hall has over 84,800 followers on Twitter, and can be found @hallsy04. His account spewed forth a curious message on Wednesday afternoon, which Hall quickly deleted and for which he then offered an explanation. (We captured them here in re-tweets from other users).

The alleged hack job is really subtle; see if you can spot the fake messages ...

Taylor Hall says Twitter hacked, doesn’t think Oilers fans are worst

It was at this moment that Taylor Hall realized his password — "Taylor Hall" — may have made him vulnerable to hackers. Perhaps this was related to a strong "sorry I'm not sorry" message Hall had for Vancouver Canucks fans after last night's Oilers victory. Or perhaps not.

Kidding aside, this is one of the things the NHL is trying to preach to young, social-media savvy players as they enter the League: That not only what you Tweet lingers on the web, but simply being on the web opens you up to chicanery like this.

Hall discovered it quickly or the perp 'fessed up quickly. Either way, we're happy he's not going to the Calgary Flames, because obviously they're loaded on left wing and he'd have to move to center ...

Thanks to Shane M. and Tyler Dellow for their nimble keyboard fingers.

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