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So many mysteries from Sunday night's WWE Summer Slam in Los Angeles. Why did Edge turn on Christian!? Who paid Kevin Nash to jump CM Punk from behind and allow Alberto Del Rio to win the unified belts?!

But the mystery that had many a lovelorn nerd flummoxed most of all: Who was the meathead that WWE diva Kelly Kelly smooched after her match with Beth Phoenix?

Sheldon Souray makes SummerSlam debut vs. Kelly Kelly’s lips

Meathead, thy name is Sheldon Souray(notes) of the Dallas Stars.

From Ryan Clark of Wrestling, Inc. (and really, if you're going to have a wrestling blog, might as well incorporate it for tax purposes):

The man that Kelly Kelly kissed at ringside last night during SummerSlam was NHL player Sheldon Souray, who plays for the Dallas Stars. Kelly noted on Twitter that Souray was in town with her mother and word is that the two are now dating. Kelly previously dated WWE star Justin Gabriel.

We have to imagine this relationship started as most do, when Kelly realized she'd never have to move to Edmonton.

We've had hockey players dating actresses and singers and models and combinations of all three; to our knowledge, this is the first relationship between a professional hockey player and a reigning women's wrestling champion. Well, at least since that torrid love affair between The Fabulous Moolah and Georges Vezina.

So in summary, Kelly Kelly is smoking hot, and we're officially on Sheldon Souray Wrestling Debut watch. First opponent? It's about time this man made his comeback:

s/t to Lucas Leighty for the tip. Image via Mayor's Manor.

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