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Puck Treasures: The Tiger Woods autographed goalie mask

Puck Treasures looks to find those hidden hockey treasures from the past and present, and gives them their proper remembrance. Seen an interesting piece of hockey apparel? Send us an email at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

Let's say you're a professional athlete of some renown. One day, your wife discovers a pattern of infidelity and she has access to your golf clubs, a.k.a. state-of-the-art bludgeoning sticks. Where do you turn for protection?

Behold, the official Tiger Woods goalie mask! Finally, the marriage between the five-hole and the 5th Hole!

This rather extraordinary Puck Treasure was painted by Suzie Mathias and displayed in the Hockey Hall of Fame from 2005-06 in its "Shoot For a Cure" auction inventory. It's autographed by Tiger Woods, and commemorates his four consecutive Majors he won in 2000-01.

Puck Treasures: The Tiger Woods autographed goalie mask

The other masks in the collection that year were inspired by Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and the Rolling Stones. A mask designed by Ronnie Wood of the Stones sold for $8,100 in 2005. Probably because Keith Richards signed it, crossed out his name and wrote "Daffy Duck." Which is so totally Keith Richards to do.

This Tiger Woods mask? The eBay seller has dropped the price by a grand down to $3,999.99. Guess that's what happens when you haven't won a tournament since Sept. 2009.

So if you've got an extra four grand around, why not invest it in this one-of-a-kind keepsake? If nothing else, a golf goalie mask is guaranteed protection from random Bob Barker attacks on the greens.

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