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Puck Daddy’s Unofficial 2012 Winter Classic Drinking Game

A drinking game of this magnitude might just work better on a day like today than your normal Jan. 1 NHL Winter Classic.

You were all hungover on Sunday morning after ringing in 2012, but now that we've had a full day to ease the pain, you should be back to 100-percent and raring to go for a day of hockey beginning with the Winter Classic at 3 p.m. ET.

The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers will drop the puck at Citizens Bank Park in the fifth NHL Winter Classic game, and since it's the only game on the schedule this afternoon, and you're probably not planning to watch the SoonToBeFailingBankInvestmentFirm.com Bowl, your friends at Puck Daddy would like to offer a drinking game to enhance your outdoor hockey watching experience.

No drinking game is a good one without interaction, so it's your job to add to our list in the comments.

For entertainment purposes only, here is Puck Daddy's Unofficial 2012 NHL Winter Classic Drinking Game, in the classic 1-2-3 drink format.


• Whenever ice conditions are discussed.

• Whenever someone uses the word "glare."

• Any moment or storyline from HBO 24/7 is mentioned.

• John Tortorella gets upset.

• A penalty is called.

Jaromir Jagr's history as a Pittsburgh Penguin or Ranger is brought up.

Brandon Prust fights someone within the first minute of the game.

• You see a Jersey Foul.

• Every time Dan Girardi or Ryan Callahan blocks a shot.

• Every time NBC switches to a camera shot from the plane cam.

• Doc Emrick mentions any player's junior or U.S. college team.

• Glen Healy gets upset at something random.


• Any time Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby are mentioned.

• When the game is halted for ice repairs.

Sean Avery is mentioned.

• Each time Scott Hartnell falls down. #HartnellDown

• Peter Laviolette calls a timeout.

• Bob Costas talks down to you.

• The alumni game sellout is mentioned.

• Pierre McGuire makes an odd comment about any player.

• Darren Pang is forced to stand on a box for an interview.

• Each time Ed Olczyk talks about a player having an active stick.

• Don Cherry's suit during "Coach's Corner" causes you retinal damage.


• If NBC opens up its broadcast with Mike Milbury and the Phillie Phanatic.

Ilya Bryzgalov is seen drinking from his Thermos.

• Every time NBC's plane cam or blimp cams cause you to miss a goal.

• An NHL team makes a deal during the Winter Classic.

• The Tampa Bay Lightning trade for another goaltender during the Winter Classic.


• Mike Milbury is shown near a child.

• Someone gets accidentally concussed behind the play.

• Eric Lindros and Bobby Clarke are seen in a passionate embrace.

Wade Redden is mentioned.

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