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We're predisposed to loathe any parody of Bobby Darin's swingin' "Mack the Knife" because, well, it's a classic. But when the original classic has lyrics like, "when that shark bites, with his teeth, babe," it's a natural fit for a San Jose Sharks playoff anthem — at least in the mind of Greg Kihn, the morning show host for KFOX.

Here's Kihn with "Mack The Shark," name-checking every player and broadcaster while goofing around with San Jose fans.

Again, there's a part of you that wants to FAIL this, but honestly: It's goofy, it's clever and this dude's enthusiasm reaches moments of Buster Poindexter bombast near the end.

Really, our only complaints are that it's about a minute too long and Needs. More. Slappy. But what say you?

Pass or Fail: The San Jose playoff anthem 'Mack The Shark'.

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