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On Monday, Puck Daddy Radio returns daily as ‘Marek vs. Wyshynski’Well this took long enough …

Last episode of Puck Daddy Radio in The Score was Aug. 29, as that show ended for various, total bummer reasons. (Part of that bummer: Rob Pizzo, friend and radio buddy, is under contract with The Score and unable to continue our radio adventures.) Since then, we were honored to have several options and offers to continue bringing you a daily hockey podcast.

The most exciting, challenging and entertaining one, by far, was the chance to do battle with Jeff Marek every weekday for an hour.

After various and sundry delays, our new daily hockey radio show "Marek vs. Wyshynski" will debut on Monday, Nov. 14, streaming live from 2-3 p.m. ET. It's a joint venture between Yahoo! Sports and Sportsnet, and Marek and I can't thank these giant conglomerates enough for finding a way to make this work. (And for using the cigar and sunglasses picture in the logo teaser; hope Bob McCown isn't angered.)

It will run Monday through Friday throughout the NHL season and into the offseason. It will stream live on Puck Daddy and on Sportsnet daily. It will be downloadable as a podcast on iTunes and on Sportsnet.ca.

Like the old show, it's all about interaction. We'll be speaking to the most interesting people in hockey, from Hall of Famers to beat writers to bloggers. We'll be debating the hottest topics in the NHL and beyond. We'll be answering your tweets and emails — official hashtag #MvsW. I'm @wyshynski and he's @jeffmarek. Like Puck Daddy, it's all about community, the game and trying to squeeze as much fun out of this nonsense as possible. Oh, and bringing you daily Puck Headlines. That too.

Don't know Marek? He writes The Sheet on Sportsnet and has been around the block:

Bio: Jeff Marek joins Sportsnet after a four-year stint as host of Hockey Night in Canada Radio, heard on Sirius Satellite Radio. Marek also co-hosted the iDesk for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada and surfaced in various roles for CBC's broadcasts of American Hockey League games. Prior to that, Marek was host of The Jeff Marek Show and co-host of Leafs Lunch on Talk Radio AM 640.

This is going to be a blast. My sincere thanks to everyone that's bugged me about the radio show in the last two months. My sincere, sincere, sincere thanks for your patience. We're going to work hard to reward it. Thanks for reading, and listening.

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