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Mike Comrie doesn’t retire despite all the reasons he shouldMike Comrie(notes) has been in the NHL for 10 seasons, is married to a rather attractive Hollywood star and is poised to make bank when he inherits that money from The Brick.

He's got a few reasons why his injury-plagued, underwhelming season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2010-11 could have been his last in the League.

Yet Comrie is hanging on. Sort of.

Via the NHLPA on Monday, here's the latest on Mr. Duff's Wild Ride:

Mike Comrie, veteran NHL forward of 10 seasons, will not be continuing his NHL career until his injured hip is fully rehabilitated following surgery that took place during the 2010-11 season — the second such surgery of his career. There is no timetable set at this point for Comrie's return to the NHL.

"In wanting to return to play after surgery, I pushed myself too early and that has not helped my recovery," said Comrie. "I will return to the NHL when I am healthy and able to play at the level I have come to expect of myself."

Comrie, a two-time 30-goal scorer and five-time 20-goal scorer, is continuing his rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process could take several more months.

This could mean one of three things:

1. Comrie legitimately believes that he can return to being a 50-point player in the NHL with proper healing from that hip surgery, or has been told as such.

2. An extended injury rehab is a handy way to cover for a lack of substantial NHL offers, in the hopes that the market (or perceptions) change while Comrie's on the mend.

3. Everything points to retirement for Comrie, he doesn't want to give up the NHL at just 30 years old and this is a way to push that decision to a later date.

Whatever the case, we appreciate Comrie stepping up and ending the rhetorical tidal waves of speculation about his NHL future next season. Please snuff out the candles as you end your vigil. Please stop tagging all of your tweets with #ComrieWatch. And adjust your Yahoo! Fantasy team draft boards accordingly …

(Snark aside, Hilary Duff lights up any arena, and will be sorely missed this season. Especially in our "NO, MY MAN'S BETTER" catfight fantasy with Carrie Underwood in a Nashville suite.)

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