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If you're reading this, congratulations: You've survived the much-hyped Rapture from last Saturday. Either that or we've all been left behind.

Harold Camping, the 89-year-old evangelist/kook who was a bit off with his prediction of the end of days like a degenerate gambler trying to give you a tip at the horse track, has adjusted his calendar of crazy and now says the Rapture is coming on Oct. 21.

Oct. 21 just happens to coincide with the home opener for the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers; and if there's one thing we know about the Wranglers, it's that they sure know how to come up with original promotions.

Please recall Rod Blagojevich Night, Girl Scout and Santa-themed jersey nights, "Over 18" Night, Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night, and ... yeah, we could go on and on about the marketing geniuses over there.

So how are they taking advantage of the re-scheduled End of the World? Well, it's going to be Las Vegas Wranglers "Rapture Night," featuring the final hockey game played on Earth.

"This is a low-risk proposition," said Wranglers president and COO Billy Johnson. "If it doesn't go as planned, it's not the end of the world."

The organization is still finalizing exact plans for Rapture Night at Orleans Arena, but T-shirts will be involved because, as Johnson's said, "Nothing says Rapture like a T-shirt night."

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