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Jersey Fouls Extra: Things are different for Alex Ovechkin in D.C.

Defenseman Dmitry Orlov(notes) is making his NHL debut for the Washington Capitals tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes, and News From The Nosebleeds decided to commemorate the occasion … by doctoring up an Alex Ovechkin(notes) T-shirt.

OK, so they needed the 'O' and the '8'. Still, the sight of this thing at a time when Alex Ovechkin is getting criticized for his lack of production and being portrayed as a coach killer turned a few heads during warm-ups.

Most likely a Tribute Jersey to Orlov. Perhaps a Protest Jersey. Either way, not a Foul.

Now, what are all of those Alex Semin shirsy owners going to do if this healthy scratch portends the Semin's climax in Washington?

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