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(Ed. Note: Our series "Puck Daddy's Guilty Pleasures" features puckheads from all walks of life answering questions about their own hockey-related guilty pleasures. It will run daily during the month of August. Have a suggestion for a "Guilty Pleasures" guest blogger? Hit us on email. Enjoy!)

Hockey Guilty Pleasures: Daryl ‘Razor’ Reaugh, Dallas announcer

Today's Special Guest: Daryl 'Razor' Reaugh, former NHL goalie, current color commentator with Fox SportsNet for the Dallas Stars, blogger on Razor With An Edge and simply one of our favorite people on this mortal plane.

1. The Player You Most Love To Hate

I don't love to hate anyone. However, I hate that I love: Corey Perry(notes), Tomas Holmstrom(notes), Chris Pronger(notes), Ryan Kesler(notes), PK Subban(notes) and Pekka Rinne(notes). (I feel dirty just writing that. My fingers need a Purell bath)

2. Other Than Your Own, The Team You Can't Help Rooting For

Edmonton Oilers. That "Once an Oiler, Always an Oiler" thing is hard to shake. Drafted by them, popped my NHL cherry in orange and royal blue, witnessed a lot of hockey greatness there, relished calling Stars-Oilers series when the Oil were so inferior on paper yet were all the Stars could handle on the ice, and, all of the quality people and characters who have and/or do work for them. Current King of the Oilers, Kevin Lowe, is a terrific human and I wish him well.

3. Favorite Fight or Brawl of All-Time

Ron Delorme vs. Jamie Macoun.

I remember everyone getting a hold of a tape of this one to count punches, and there were lots to count. None of today's "scientific" "peek and poke" pugilism here. This was an old-fashioned punch in face contest of the highest order.

4. The Hideous-Looking Hockey Jersey You Secretly Love The Most

Karpat Oulu, Finnish Elite League, circa 1989

5. Your Favorite Hockey Cliché (terminology, traditions, announcer-speak, etc.)

"Pull your goalie." It's such a statement of desperation and — as a euphemism — it's such a statement of desperation.

6. The Injury You Couldn't Stop Staring At (Non-Skate Lacerations Only)

Eric Lindros knocked loopy by Scott Stevens in Game 7 of the 2000 Eastern Conference Final.

I watched it live from behind the Flyers bench while working for ESPN/ABC. Eric was staring the puck into the refrigeration coils as he crossed the Devil line; then, in an instant, he was trying to focus on Billy Joel's banner in the rafters in the aftermath of a devastating open-ice body blast from Stevens.

I watched the Flyer medical staff walk a blank, bleeding and barely mobile Lindros down the hallway to their dressing room. Sad scene to see a mammoth young man reduced to that. Each step appeared to be a struggle in muscle memory.

We revisited the collision many times on the broadcast, then, after the game, I hopped on the ice to interview the triumphant New Jersey Devils Captain who was jubilant, but when asked about the hit quickly became quite emotional in his answer and concern for Lindros.

Hockey Guilty Pleasures: Daryl ‘Razor’ Reaugh, Dallas announcer7. Your Favorite Cheesy Hockey Reference in Popular Culture

It's a tie, and both are from the movie "Youngblood."

First, the billet-mom, Miss McGill, who helps the rookie "grow" as a young man.

And the other, that ridiculously unnecessary wind up, then over skate followed by a trailing skate — puck-kick to stick-blade start to the penalty shot. It had all the drama and realism of ... well ... a movie about Junior Hockey starring Rob Lowe.

7a. Your Favorite Terrible Hockey Card Or Hockey Action Figure

One of my rookie cards has me listed as 5-8 AND, just to ensure it wasn't a type-o, they underscore their outstanding research by depicting me as "a smallish goalie" in the back side blurb. I'm 6-4!

8. Finally, What's The Thing You Secretly Respect about Gary Bettman

That he doesn't need note cards when he delivers the on-ice, boo-showered, profanity bathed Stanley Cup Champion speech just prior to handing over the hardware.

Wonderful focus. Thick skin. And selective hearing?

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