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Controversy in college shootout after Minnesota goaltender kicks the net off (Video)

Michigan State scored a big shootout win over top-ranked Minnesota Friday night, and not without adversity. They did so despite losing one of their shootout goals to a fairly controversial call.

MSU shooter Joe Cox appeared to score on his attempt, but after he was initially awarded a goal, the officials convened and waved it off because the net had come off its moorings before the puck crossed the line.

The problem: that happened because goaltender Adam Wilcox kicked it off in his attempt to stay with Cox's backhand-forehand deke.

See, now that doesn't seem entirely fair.

There's a lot to debate here. Cox tucked the puck just inside the post. Would he have done so if the net stayed in place? Or would Wilcox have held the post? From a few angles, it looks like Cox would have scored either way. But from others, you wonder if there was room for the puck to cross the line.

Then there's the question of Wilcox's intent. Did he mean to knock the net off? I doubt it, but even if he didn't, if the goalie can do that to prevent a goal, the shootout tips fairly substantially away from the shooters. One imagines Pavel Datsyuk or Patrick Kane charging down the ice, only to see the goaltender back up into his crossbar and -- oops! Put that down as a save.

Was Cox robbed here?

If you think so, small consolation: in the sixth round, MSU forward J.T. Stenglein scored the winner on Wilcox, who seemed to have forgotten he could kick the net off to prevent that.

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