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The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Boston Bruins as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

At this point, we may all be experiencing some understandable jealousy of Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin(notes). He's 19. He's rather wealthy. He's a professional hockey player who won a championship, got his own segment on the championship DVD based on two games in the conference finals, and danced half-nekkid while sipping $100,000 champagne.

And now, even though he doesn't need the help, dude gets to take the Stanley Cup to the club, which is like arriving at your high school reunion in a Gulfstream G650. To the victor goes the Grey Goose.

Coming up, more Seguin fun, as well as a glimpse at Stanley's visit with Marc Savard(notes), Adam Creighton and Chris Kelly(notes).

On Sunday, Seguin was given the key to the city in Brampton, Ont., which we imagine opens some type of locked cooler filled with Molson. From The Brampton News:

"We are very proud of Tyler's achievements and congratulate him on his championship season," said Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell. "As one of the youngest players ever to win the Stanley Cup, Tyler joins the long list of great athletes that come from the City of Brampton."

Earlier in the day, Tyler had visited with patients at Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto before dropping by for local fans to meet him and get their picture taken with the Stanley Cup.

And, of course, some quality time at Embassy in Toronto:

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

This probably only happened about 137 times during the evening.

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

Vodka in the Stanley Cup? Seen it. Now, that weapons-grade plutonium in the carafe behind it …

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

The kid's 19; they couldn't find a screw-top champagne?

(Puck Daddy Male Readership: "Wait, there's champagne in this photo droooooollllll.")

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

Oh, c'mon: Seguin gets a day with the Stanley Cup and Alyonka Larionov?

The Cup got plenty of attention from the lovely ladies at the club, as you can see here ...

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

… but wait, there's something odd going on there.

Is that …

Chronicles of Stanley: Tyler Seguin and the goblet of vodka

Well that explains everything. And nothing at all.

Marc Savard's Day With The Cup

Meanwhile in Peterborough, Ont., Marc Savard enjoyed the polar opposite of Tyler Seguin's night, taking the Cup to a local golf course and discussing his continuing battle with post-concussion syndrome. From WEEI:

"Mornings have been tough. When I get up in the morning I'm a little foggy sometimes," Savard continued. "But as the day wears on I'm pretty good. Hot sun is tough. I try to stay in the shade and stuff like that and pop the odd Advil and it seems to be okay."

"At the end of the year it was a pretty emotional time; Peter told me that they are doing a petition to put me on the Cup. That's special. That's how good of a man he's been and that's why he's gotten to where he is and deserves everything he's had. Hopefully I get on it. It would be great, but you never know."

At the very least, he made some local Bruins fans pretty happy (via CHEX TV):

Leafs fan in a Gilmour jersey touching the Cup? For shame.

Adam Creighton's Day With The Cup

Well this was random. Creighton played 708 NHL regular-season games with five different teams, primarily with the Buffalo Sabres. He made one Stanley Cup Final appearance with the Chicago Blackhawks in 1990, but never won the Cup as a player.

As a scout? He's a Stanley Cup champion. Now please watch this oddly colored but snappily narrated review:

Be honest: When they said "Canadian relic," you thought they were talking about Adam Creighton instead of the Cup, right? You're not alone.

By the way, Port Colborne scrapped plans to bring the Cup to its Market Square but felt crowd size would be an issue, what with Finger Eleven playing a concert there. Clearly, the 22 people who give a [expletive] about Finger Eleven were 22 too many.

Chris Kelly's Day With The Cup

Oh, here's a gloriously awkward visit from Stanley, as both Kelly (former Senator) and Peter Chiarelli (former Senators assistant GM) bring the Chalice to Ottawa.

Here's a bit on Kelly's day with the Cup:

Here's more about Kelly from the Ottawa Citizen:

Kelly, who still lives in Ottawa, took the Cup to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. "The one thing that I truly knew I wanted to do when I had the Cup was take it to (CHEO)," Kelly told BostonBruins.com, which has travelled around the world to cover Bruins players as they celebrate with the trophy. "We had done things when I was with the Senators in the past, and just to put a smile on a kid's face or a parent's face — for five minutes even — was something that I wanted to do."

Kelly, who later took the trophy to the Stonebridge Golf and Country Club, wanted his day with the Cup to be "intimate," keeping his appearances with the Cup under wraps from the public.

"I'm not a big flashy person," he told the Bruins website. "I kind of like to stay in the background, but this is something special to not only me, but a lot of people."

Good dude, that Chris Kelly. Although his day with the Cup needed, like, 150% more vodka and Alyonka Larionov.

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