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Bruins scratch Tyler Seguin for missing breakfastTyler Seguin(notes) is leading the Boston Bruins with 25 points and a plus-19, but he's still a 19-year-old playing in his second NHL season.

He's going to make mistakes, on and off the ice. His general manager said he made one, and now it's cost him a game.

Seguin was a healthy scratch on Tuesday night as the Bruins played at the Winnipeg Jets for what GM Peter Chiarelli called an "honest mistake": Missing a mandatory team breakfast and meeting on Tuesday morning.

From the Boston Herald:

"He's had a couple of instances before," said the GM. "I don't see it as a problem. I see it as a young player who sometimes forgets to set his alarm. We gave him a couple of passes (in the past). It's a young kid who's learning to be a pro — and is a heck of a player."

How did he take it? "Not good," said Chiarelli. "But he understands there is a set of team rules and everyone plays by the rules."

Oy, these players and their alarm clocks. We need to get Joel Ward(notes) and Tyler Seguin to The Sharper Image for something with an air horn.

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