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San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns(notes) probably isn't the only NHL player with a tattoo of a dragon somewhere on his body. But he might be the only one that has a tattoo of a boy wizard battling it.

Brent Burns and the Harry Potter Tattoo of Awesome

Burns tweeted this tat on his left thigh earlier in the week, saying he's always loved books and that "Hogwarts looks fun"; he later told the Mercury News that he's a big Harry Potter fan, which is why this piece is among his many tattoos.

How many does Burns have? Consider that his father took him for his first tattoo at age 11, which was a Canadian flag and a hockey stick. From a 2007 article in the Star Tribune, when Burns was a member of the Minnesota Wild:

This summer, Burns got a massive, colorful dragon on his left thigh and a huge tattoo on his back with a picture of his pets with the word "Wild" in green script.

We pause here to reflect on the fact that Burns was traded by the Wild to the San Jose Sharks this summer. Perhaps this rationalization for the "WILD" tattoo still holds four years later:

"I'm getting a lot of heat from [teammates]: 'What if you're traded?'" Burns said. "But first it's a double meaning because it has to do with my love for wildlife and my pets. But the Wild is my first NHL team. That's huge. I've always wanted to play in the NHL, and they gave me the chance."

Well, there you have it. No need for laser removal.

Now, when is Mr. Burns going to give the world a tattoo for his new team? Because Hermione Granger using magic to defeat Megashark would be incredible. She's an exceptional duelist, you know; capable of outmatching even Death Eaters!

s/t Larry Brown Sports, via Off The Bench, via Ray Ratto

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