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On Saturday night in Edmonton, Team Canada and Team USA face off in the IIHF World Junior Championship preliminary round, continuing the annual rivalry between some of the best young hockey players in North America (apologies, Mexico).

How do these hockey titans match up? Puck Daddy infographic ace Dan Gustafson of SixteenWins.com broke down the current rosters and provided some historical context in handy infographic form:

An illustrated guide to USA vs. Canada in World Juniors

OK, so Canada appears to have a slight advantage in the all-time series and in winning World Junior Championships. But we have the tallest player. USA USA USA!

(Dan will be working with Puck Daddy on creating some whimsical and informative NHL graphics throughout the season. If you have any requests, email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Visit Dan at Sixteen Wins and follow him on Twitter here.)

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