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An illustrated guide to the Bruins’ $156,679 Foxwoods bar tab

The Boston Bruins' post-Stanley Cup parade party at SHRINE at MGM Grand at Foxwoods has become the stuff of NHL legend. Zdeno Chara(notes) and the boys consumed $100,000 champagne and rang up a bar tab of $156,679.74, which included a tidy $24,869.80 in gratuity (view the receipt here).

To better understand the glorious intoxication that occurred on Saturday night, blogger Dan Gustafson of the awesome hockey infographics site Sixteen Wins cooked up this illustrated guide above to chronicle each beverage consumed by the Bruins and their guests.

Check out a larger version of the image on Sixteen Wins.

We're still trying to figure out which player — during the flood of top-shelf champagne and vodka and tequila and Jager — needed to get his Heineken Light on. Pizzo predicted it was Kaberle during Tuesday's Puck Daddy Radio. We're having a hard time coming up with a better option.

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