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Ahead of schedule, Vancouver announces 163 charges to riotersYou're probably quite aware by now that the Stanley Cup Final ended in an unsatisfactory way for the city of Vancouver, and not just because the Boston Bruins won it.

Immediately after losing out on the Stanley Cup for the third time in their history (or fortieth, if you think, as some do, that the Canucks have been real close every year), fans compounded the disappointment by overreacting slightly, and flipping the pool, so to speak.

They rioted. It was embarrassing.

Almost as embarrassing, however, has been the delay in charging those involved, such as the twerp above. It seemed reasonable to assume that, when plumes of black smoke from citizen-started fires are billowing on the horizon, criminal charges are on the horizon as well, but it's been four months. Where are the charges?

Here they are, the Vancouver police finally said this morning. From the CBC:

The first 163 charges have been recommended by police against 60 alleged looters and vandals in the Stanley Cup riot, Vancouver police announced on Monday morning.

The charges still need to be assessed by Crown prosecutors before they are actually laid, according to Neil Mackenzie, the spokesman for the Crown prosecutors office.

Okay, so nobody's in handcuffs just yet, but this is progress. Vancouver's justice may not be swift, but it plods along, and it'll get you eventually. It's like the mummy of justice.

Here's my favourite tidbit from today's news, courtesy Vancouver's News 1130:

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team had originally planned on recommending charges against 40 people by today, but the Vancouver Police Department and IRIT say they are ahead of schedule.

Ahead of schedule, huh? That, my friends, is called "spin." It's necessary when there's a municipal election coming up in three weeks, and the embarrassing delay in filing charges is going to be a pivotal issue.

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